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Ragazer Anti-Aging Stay Young

With the right measures, you can slow down the biological aging process and maintain a high quality of life for as long as possible. You learn about and understand the habits and behaviour that could potentially shorten, or extend, your life span. Using basic diagnostics (patient medical history, status quo, laboratory tests, stress ECG including lactate grade test, body fat measurement), we can determine by how much your actual age differs from your biological age, and what you must do to increase your life expectancy as best as possible.

Your programme


  • Comprehensive consultation including patient medical history
  • Laboratory tests for liver, kidney, thyroid, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as blood analysis
  • Examination of cardiovascular functions by means of ergometry (resting and stress ECG including lactate grade test)
  • Body composition (measurement of muscles and body fat)
  • Introductory meeting with your nutritionist
  • 1 Ragazer Anti-Aging infusion
  • Concluding consultation with your doctor to discuss the test results
  • Personal health file
  • Personalised support throughout the programme



  • Cuisine Équilibrée full board
  • Winforce® starter package



  • Movement analysis
  • 1 personal training session with summary and personal training plan (Mywellness app)

Price & Conditions

Ragazer Anti-Aging Stay Young

The programme can be started daily from Monday to Thursday and requires a minimum stay of four days/three nights at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

Price per person (excluding accommodation)
CHF 3'990.-

Reservation & consultation

+41 81303 38 38

You benefit from a 10 % reduction in the price of a room in any category if you stay for up to seven days. If you extend your stay, you will receive a 15 % discount from the eighth day onwards. This rate reduction cannot be combined with any other special offers. During your stay you enjoy our inclusive services.

The services listed as part of the programmes are for preventive health purposes and should be understood as complementing conventional medicine. Settlement for services cannot take place via the compulsory health insurance schemes.

Cancellation of booked programmes is free of charge up to seven days before programme commencement. In case of cancellation after this deadline, we reserve the right to invoice you for the full cost. There is no refund for unused services of a programme.

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