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Medical Health Coaching

Health means wellbeing and the ability to overcome internal and external changes in the long term. You can count on our comprehensive support through an individually tailored concept – now and in the future. We have made it our task to boost your health, performance and, thus, satisfaction in the best possible way. You can count on the support of our team of experts in stress management, exercise and nutrition in accomplishing your personal goals. The basic prerequisite for achieving your ideal level of health and therefore life satisfaction is a condition known as the “steady state”, where your physiological parameters are in balance. A combination of regular exercise, a proper diet and your personal stress management will get you there.

The Steady state concept

The basic prerequisite for achieving your ideal level of health and therefore life satisfaction is a condition known as the “steady state”, where your physiological parameters are in balance. A combination of regular exercise, a proper diet and your personal stress management will get you there.

Analysis of status quo

The first step involves comprehensive, basic medical diagnostics:

  • Patient medical history
  • Blood status and urine analysis
  • Body fat measurement
  • Measurement of physical capacity –strength, endurance,
    mobility and body stabilisation
  • Patient dietary history

Definition of target/time horizon

What do you want to achieve or change? How much time will you spend on that goal? Possible health goals:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Muscle build-up to improve overall metabolism
  • Boosting mental performance
  • Optimising interaction of foods, nutrients
  • or medicines
  • Improving digestion

After your stay

Upon leaving, you will receive a health file with your medical test results, personal  diet plan and individual trainings, as well as an app for your personal training programme and exercises at home, which also allows trainers to monitor progress and provide feedback (with video instructions).


What does the programme do? What are your initial results? Is any adjustment necessary? The process involves an interaction of targeted  interventions and monitoring measures until you have attained your personal goal.  

Steady State

This balance of your physiological  parameters, such as blood lactate levels, oxygen intake or hart rate, will allow you to perceive your health as your individual wellbeing, and enable you to adjust to  internal and external changes at all times  in the future.

Stress management

Permanent stress makes you sick. To stay balanced and healthy, you will need to strike a balance between being active, relaxing and maintaining a healthy diet.
We will point out possible warning signals of your body during a medical consultation. Then, we will work out strategies with you to better manage your stress.

During your stay, you will have a unique opportunity to explore various specialist departments and identify measures that will help you restore your work-life balance and boost your personal wellbeing.
Apart from a 12,800 square metre spa area we offer additional options to relax:

  • 36.5° wellness programmes for relaxation, vitality and balance
  • haki® treatments and rituals
  • Floating in 36.5°C thermal water
  • Kneipp treatments, sauna rituals and sauna infusions
  • Massages and body packs
  • Acupuncture (MediQi)
  • Muscle relaxation according to Jacobson
  • Qi Gong, yoga, Pilates and Aqua Pilates, Chi ball
  • Outdoor activities with a personal trainer
  • Nordic walking, cycle tours, snowshoe hiking, etc.
  • Mental training

Our movement concept

Exercise is important to your health. Our Ragazer work-IT-out is a specially developed, customised  programme following the principles of functional training.

Based on the results of your movement screening, your trainer will create a tailored programme for you – targeted and efficient.

Professional support

  • Successful trainers experienced in high-performance sports
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with the Medical Health Center and the Swiss Olympic Medical Center
  • Knowledge transfer from high-performance sports

Objectives of the work-IT-out

  • Weight reduction and body forming
  • Improved sense of your own body
  • Achieving a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Preventing burnout through increased vitality and energy
  • Restoring physical and muscular balance in consideration of weaknesses
  • Individual functional training to optimise strength, balance, endurance, speed, stabilisation, mobility
    and coordination


Our nutritional concept

Gourmet cuisine can be healthy. The key considerations are the acid-base balance and the right calorific values of the basic nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

We have created our own culinary health brand under the name Cuisine Équilibrée. Executive Chef Renato Wüst collaborates with our doctors and nutritionists to develop healthy five-star dishes made especially for you. You will find a new sense of life filled with energy thanks to the balanced nutrition of Cuisine Équilibrée.

Cuisine Équilibrée stands for: moderate – sensible – enjoyable

  • Scientifically sound meal plan developed in collaboration with qualified nutritionist HF Sonja Ricke
  • Enjoyable and healthy at the same time
  • Nutrition with an acid-base balance
  • The right calorific values of the basic nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Cuisine Équilibrée

Reservation & Consulting

+41 81 303 38 38

We will be pleased to advise you and put together a programme in line with your personal requirements.

Dr Christian Hoppe MD
Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in physical medicine and rehabilitation Manual medicine, Orthomoleculare medicine

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