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Physiotherapy and medical massages
Physiotherapy and medical massages

Physiotherapy and medical massages

Physical therapy is a key element of the treatments for a wide range of illnesses, and uses mechanical, thermal, electrical and actinic energy in the areas of prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. Whether your complaint is chronic or acute – Our qualified physiotherapist help you with the right treatment to sustainably improve your health.

The power of the Ragazer thermal water

The healing powers of the water from the Tamina spring were confirmed by the famous doctor and naturalist Paracelsus in 1535. We offer a comprehensive range of therapeutic treatments based on a bathing tradition spanning hundreds of years and advanced scientific and therapeutic expertise.

Our massages and therapies


AlterG® training

The AlterG® anti-gravity treadmill can reduce body weight by up to 80%. This not only ensures that therapy is safe, but also helps patients to regain a natural gait. It is ideal for patients with lower-limb pain, arthritis or weight problems, for those trying to build up muscle after an operation or suffering from neurological problems.

Dry needling

Dry needling is an effective supplement to manual trigger point therapy. A thin hypodermic needle without any medication is inserted with great precision into the trigger point that is causing the patient’s symptoms. This relieves muscle tension, improves circulation to the problem areas and reduces local inflammation. Dry needling is used in the treatment of pain syndromes, sports physiotherapy and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Human-Tecar® therapy

This treatment uses an intelligent high-frequency current that facilitates highly effective metabolic therapy. In addition, Human Tecar® therapy also accelerates the healing process in many injuries via the biostimulation of the cell metabolism. This form of therapy supplements manual treatment by the physiotherapist and makes them much more effective. The technology is used both in high-performance sport and in general rehabilitation.

Isokinetic training (Con-Trex)

Training on Con-Trex machines helps to strengthen knee extensors and flexors. The advantage of this therapy over conventional strength training lies in the constant muscular resistance regardless of the angle. Strength values are recorded, and muscle imbalances are identified and reviewed over time. Targeted training following an anterior cruciate ligament replacement or in the event of tendon disorders are two examples of cases in which Con-Trex training can be used.

Manual therapy

In manual therapy, the focus is on maintaining or restoring essential bodily functions. Manual therapy helps to improve mobility in the joints, connective tissues and skeletal muscles.

Medical Training Therapy (MTT)

This active form of therapy combines classic physiotherapy with therapy based on the latest findings in the area of sports science. Improvements in a patient’s physical condition also lead to improvements in their metabolism, circulation, nervous system and breathing.

Neurotherapy according to the Bobath concept

The Bobath concept is the world’s most commonly applied holistic concept for treating patients with motor, mental, linguistic or socio-emotional disorders caused by damage to the central nervous system (CNS) due to stroke, multiple sclerosis or other factors.

PNF therapy

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is a functional physiotherapy treatment in which sequences of movement are coordinated, and their effectiveness is improved. This treatment stimulates the functional unit of nerves and muscles following a stroke or for patients with multiple sclerosis or similar disorders.

Progressive relaxation therapy according to Jacobson

This treatment involves the targeted tensing and relaxing of specific muscle groups, resulting in soothing physical and mental relaxation. The therapy helps to improve body perception, reduce muscle tone in the event of stress and relieve sleep disorders and headaches.

Sports physiotherapy

The focus of sports physiotherapy is on the treatment and prevention of injuries to the locomotor system and on rehabilitation following injuries. Patients are supported throughout their rehabilitation and their return to competitive or recreational sport.

STMedical® breathing therapy

Deepening and improving our breathing has a lasting effect on physical and mental disorders, and can even eliminate them altogether. This therapy is offered to patients with disorders and dysfunctions of the lungs and airways.

Thermal water therapy

Aqua Pilates

With Aqua Pilates, posture is stabilised by activating the core (the abdominal, pelvic floor and lower back muscles). The focus is on increasing muscle endurance and muscle build-up through powerful movements in the water combined with the holistic training approach developed by J. H. Pilates.

Classic water therapy

In this therapy, shortened muscles are stretched, joint mobility is improved and weakened muscles are strengthened: movement in water is particularly suitable for post-operational rehabilitation and cardiovascular training.


Floating in water is a gentle and calming deep relaxation therapy method, where the patient is carried through the thermal water. Blockages and tension are released through gentle stretching, rotation and movement of the joints.

The Ragazer ring method

The ring method is a special water therapy with resistance exercises in warm thermal water that was developed in Bad Ragaz. The therapy helps improve mobility in patients with chronic joint problems and aids rehabilitation. It is especially suitable for strengthening muscles, improving mobilisation, improving the coordination of the locomotor system and relieving pain.

Medical massages

Acupuncture massage

Acupuncture massage is an energetic massage based on 5,000-year-old traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This type of massage regulates the flow of energy in the meridians and the organ system throughout the body and helps to resolve energy imbalances.

Bemer magnetic field therapy

Pulsating electromagnetic fields help to improve circulation, the metabolism, the energy status and the physical performance and regeneration. The Treatment can be provided either as a therapy or as a preventive measure.

Connective tissue massage

A connective tissue massage is a massage that affects the autonomic nervous and organ systems through the manual manipulation of the skin and connective tissue. This method is used for patients with poor circulation, circulatory disorders, abdominal and menstrual pain and functional complaints.

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle manual physical therapy in which light manual impulses are used to initiate the body’s self-regulation and stimulate self-healing, for example in the event of headaches, neck and back pain, migraines, dizziness, traumas, endocrine disorders and stress.


Treating patients using electrical energy helps to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, strengthen muscles, boost the metabolism and circulation and stimulate resorption in the event of effusion and swelling.

Foot reflexology

The foot’s sole mirrors the whole body in the form of reflex zones. By massaging specific points it is possible to relieve stress, headaches, rheumatic complaints, fatigue, digestive problems and much more.

Heat therapy

Treating the body with heat helps to relieve pain and boost circulation and the metabolism. Heat therapy relaxes the muscles and improves the elasticity of connective tissue structures. The following heat therapies are offered at the Medical Center: heat wrappings, mud packs and paraffin baths.

Inhalation therapy

Inhalation therapy boosts the body’s own self-cleaning mechanism and alleviates complaints in the case of respiratory disorders.

Kinesio taping

Kinesio taping is a new method in the treatment of pain and restricted movement. Unlike conventional dressings, plasters and tapes, kinesio taping does not restrict movement – on the contrary: it helps boost and support mobility.

Lymph drainage massage

In lymph drainage massages, targeted massage techniques help to flush away tissue fluid that has accumulated in the body due to sprains, swelling or migraines. The process strengthens the immune system, relieves pain and relaxes.

Medical massage

This full or partial body massage helps to relax the muscles, boost circulation, relieve tension and improve the metabolism in the skin and muscles.

Migraine therapy

This treatment relieves headaches and migraines in their acute or chronic state. The therapy conventionally comprises the following four forms of treatment: lymph drainage massage, acupuncture massage, meridian treatment and connective tissue massage.

Scar treatment

Consciously or unconsciously, scars make us adopt relieving postures that can lead to problems with other joints or areas of the body. This therapy comprises a wide range of techniques aimed at achieving a positive effect on mobility, appearance and the way in which to deal with a scar.

Sports massage

The purpose of the sports massage is to loosen and activate muscles before competitions and to relieve tension and stimulate circulation following sporting activities.

Ultrasound therapy

Mechanical ultrasonic vibration is used to carry out a “micromassage” for the tissue. This medical treatment is suitable for ligament injuries, for example.

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