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An exclusive retreat for your health
An exclusive retreat for your health

An exclusive retreat for your health

Long-standing experience, extensive expertise and endless passion – we have all of this and more to offer our patients at the Medical Center and the Clinic Bad Ragaz. We are supported in our work by the healing properties of the thermal water from the Tamina gorge, with the low mineral content and the body temperature of the water triggering positive reactions in the body. Even in the 16th century, the physician and alchemist Paracelsus praised the healing effects of the water.


We continue to be convinced of these effects to this day, and integrate this precious gift in our treatments. Each department offers in-depth medical expertise, and all practising doctors and therapists provide individual and interdisciplinary treatment.


Our core competences

Everything guests need can be found under one roof. In view of the complexity of people’s health, when it comes to check-ups, medical attention and aftercare, a comprehensive range of treatments is essential. The medical services have always integrated the resort’s own thermal water, the strengths and healing powers of which not only form the foundations of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz but are also part of many of the therapeutic treatments.

Institutes at the Medical Center

Thanks to our cooperation with selected institutes and centres, we are able to we offer our visitors a wide range of services at the very highest level.

Grand Resort <br> Bad Ragaz
The Leading Wellbeing & Medical Health Resort in Europe
Grand Resort
Bad Ragaz

Surrounded by tranquillity, space and time, we offer an exclusive retreat for relaxation and recuperation. At the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, you can immerse yourself in a world of peace and relaxation. A world of nature, enjoyment and inspiration. For renewed strength and vitality.

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Medical Center Bad Ragaz: Interview with Dr. Christian Schlegel MD

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